Sunday, January 16, 2011

Women R Stupid & Men R the Reason

There is notably galaxies between men and women especially when it comes to relationships and the instant expectations that come with one. Author Steven Barthell breaks down common barriers and misconceptions for men and women. Steven delves into societies perceptions as well as guides you through the controversial "LNU" (Little Ni**a University). His words and take of the delicate situation of relationships takes us on a rollercoaster ride and let's us off right where we need to be.

Book Summary:

For centuries men and women have been at each others throats about who is right and who is wrong. We end up blaming each other for our struggles and failures. We as people just don't “get it”. How many times are we going to be blind about our own inconsistencies, insecurities, & misfortunes in life despite having 20/20 vision? The violence worldwide has gotten out of control; especially in our inner cities. At the end of the day its most likely because of something foolish like: hating on someone, lack of finances, or losing touch with the more important things in life. We don't listen to each other nor do we communicate effectively.

We live in a society where settling and playing your position is accepted but why?
When was it cool to be someones “Baby Daddy/Mama”? When was it okay to be “Boyfriend/Girlfriend #2”? Why don't young men & women dread the word marriage? How do people get over bridges? When is it a good time to start dating again after suffering heartbreak? Why are people not taking responsibilities for their own actions?
What if there was a book talking about overcoming failures, bad decisions & falling down? What if you could take a journey through the head of a bachelor who has seen it and all and done it all?

While reading this book I have a hidden agenda I want people to know that everything from love to friendships can be solved by looking at yourself in the mirror first and then trying to “save” the world.

Throughout this book I will try my best to dig deep & then dig even deeper not just with the topic of relationships but life in general from being who you want to be and not what people want you to throwing away your past, getting rids of the RAATs in your life & even visiting a place where our society needs to shut down for good Little N**** University.

We have all lost touch of what we are put on this earth for: reproducing, living, laughing, loving & learning. “Women R Stupid N Men R the Reason” teaches you the meaning of a true courtship and how to prevent and stabilize certain situations in your life & relationship. So why wait to take the 1st step of your life? Take a leap and read Women R Stupid N Men R the Reason”.

Release date: February 2011
Price: $15.99
Will also be available as an e-book


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