To have your manuscript reviewed for publishing or submission to a literary agent you will need to ensure that it is edited and formatted to the letter.

If you decide you would like to utilize editing services, prices are broken down in terms of length of each manuscript as follows (All manuscripts must be in 12pt. Arial font):
1-100 pages: $75.00

101-200 pages: $130.00
201-300 pages: $225.00
301-400 pages: $340.00
401-500  pages: $425.00
500+ pages: Contact us at info@azizapublishing.com for pricing. All copyediting is completed within 2-8 weeks after receieving your payment and manuscript.

An editor will review your manuscript and provide suggestions to improve both the stylistic and technical elements of your book.

  • Stylistic elements
  • Concept
  • Intended word use
  • Organization
  • Tone
  • Characterization
  • Genre-specific writing conventions
  • Technical elements
  • GrammarSpelling
  • Punctuation
  • Consistency
Extras Included
  • Manuscript Formatting
  • 1 Hour of Professional Coaching
  • A complete edited version in MS Word, RTF and PDF formats.
    ***Contact us for a sample of this service.